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Sibel Edmonds Goes Deep on Her New Novel, and the Deep State
by Peter B. Collins on November 3, 2014

Sibel Edmonds talks about her new novel, The Lone Gladio, and explains some of the key elements of her fictional narrative based on the “deep state”, Operation Gladio, and CIA covert operations.

Edmonds is the FBI whistleblower who told her own story in the nonfiction memoir, Classified Woman. Her new novel is based on those experiences and what she learned from dozens of members of her National Security Whistleblowers Coalition. She explains why she chose to write this novel, and some of the history of Operation Gladio, which remains mostly classified. Gladio originated during the Cold War, and has morphed into a monster that Edmonds says continues to operate–she connects it to al Qaeda and al Nusra.

She also offers a fascinating distinction between the black ops of the CIA and what her novel calls “the company”, a transnational collaboration of the CIA, Britain’s MI6, the Pentagon and NATO. We talk about the true mission of NATO in the context of Russia and Ukraine.

The Lone Gladio- Operation Gladio B: NATO-CIA-MI6 Recipe for Brzezinski’s Grand Chessboard

Tune in to this extraordinary interview. James Corbett discusses The Lone Gladio, and provides an incredible analysis of the Deep State, Shadow Government, Operation Gladio B, Zbigniew Brzezinski’s Grand Chessboard, the New Cold War, Synthetic Terrorism, Perpetual Wars and much more!

Tom Secker of SpyCulture Interviews Sibel Edmonds

Today I welcome to the show FBI whistleblower and author Sibel Edmonds of and we talk about her new book The Lone Gladio. We discussed how the novel subverts the usual spy genre, not just through its uncompromising look at the deep state but also in its treatment of women, its portrayal of black operatives and how it responds to the question of what do we do with people like those in the Gladio network? We also touched on the recreation of Sibel’s real life story in the CIA-sponsored TV show Homeland.

Full-segment podcast clip

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Sibel Edmonds & The Deep State- By Cindy Sheehan at SoapBox Podcast

Listen to the podcast interview here

Lip TV-Buzzsaw’s Sean Stone: Operation Gladio, False Flags & the US War Against Islam with Sibel Edmonds

Operation Gladio, the New Domino Theory, 9/11, The Lone Gladio & Sibel Edmonds’ History as a Whistleblower

False flags and corruption by the CIA, FBI and US Government to create an endless war against Islam, plus the financial gains for the elite interested in conflict in the middle east are discussed with Sibel Edmonds. Where is the conspiracy coming from, and what is behind fear mongering over ISIS in Iraq and Syria? We look at the new domino theory, 9/11 conspiracy, The Lone Gladio and Edmonds’ history as a whistleblower in this full length Buzzsaw interview hosted by Sean Stone.

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The Lone Gladio distills the complexity of the “Deep State” down to its most basic properties- A Review by Mark Mondalek

In its own “web of ambiguity,” The Lone Gladio journeys beyond labels and pegged ideas to frequently ask more of its readers than meets the eye

The Lone Gladio, Sibel Edmonds’ follow-up novel to her 2012 memoir Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story, has a unique literary identity so far as being something of a supplementary text to the autobiographical work that preceded it––not as a mere addendum, however, but an entirely alternate entity in and of itself.

As a work of fiction, The Lone Gladio deeply magnifies the groundwork that was previously established through Edmonds’s own Kafkaesque real life experience of being recruited into the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Washington Field Office as a language specialist just days after 9/11. Fluent in Turkish, Farsi, and Azerbaijani, translators of her skill set were in high demand, with raw intelligence pouring in at rates that were impossible for the bureau’s understaffed Language unit to keep on top of.

“Our country could use my help,” she would later recount. “How could I say no?”

Ironically, it was this same sense of patriotic duty that ultimately led to her being fired in March 2002 after conscientiously voicing her concerns over “serious acts of security breaches, cover-ups, and intentional blocking of intelligence that had national security implications.” In her forthcoming role as FBI whistleblower, the scarcely invoked “State Secrets Privilege” was asserted in her court proceedings, with bizarre gag orders issued that even included the retroactive re-classification of her case over two years after the fact.

Ray Bradbury once characterized his classic dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451 as being a literary novel disguised as a fugitive chase story. Edmonds’s own fictional approach deploys a similar story-telling technique, one grounded in the fast-paced, life-or-death aesthetics of her foremost subject matter:

It goes by several names, this beast; some call it the Deep State. Once upon a time it was known as the war industry, which formed an indelible partnership with the energy industry, aided and abetted by the global financial industry. This trio determines every nation’s destiny: who wins, who falls from power (whether by dethronement, assassination or “election”), who gets to rule, and who gets to take out the rulers. These are the ones who set the stages and pick who goes to war with whom, where the guaranteed outcome is always the same: everyone else loses, the colony wins. Simple.

The Lone Gladio’s ability to distill the complexity of the “Deep State” down to its most basic properties is arguably the novel’s greatest achievement. Through a vast array of pieced together narratives, with characters spread out within a wide labyrinth of hidden networks and locations––from Turkey to Vietnam; Washington to Azerbaijan––a comprehensive vision of this veiled reality is meticulously constructed

The EyeOpener Report- Sibel Edmonds on “The Lone Gladio”

Sibel Edmonds discusses “The Lone Gladio” & how its fictional events and characters intersect with the Deep State Reality

FBI whistleblower, founder and author of the new spy mystery novel “The Lone Gladio” Sibel Edmonds sits down with James Corbett to discuss her book, how it was written, and how its fictional events and characters intersect with reality. From the power of self-publishing to subvert the traditional corporate media gatekeeper system to Operation Gladio and staged terror, this conversation covers it all.

**Visit these links to purchase The Lone Gladio in Kindle, paperback and Nook formats. Or you can purchase a signed copy from the author at The Lone Gladio website

“The Lone Gladio” reveals Washington’s strategy for winning the New Great Game- A Review by Christoph Germann

“The Lone Gladio is a must-read for everyone who is interested in the New Great Game in the Eurasian Balkans.”
By Christoph Germann
Sibel Edmonds’ new novel The Lone Gladio takes the reader on an exciting journey across the globe from Northern Cyprus and Azerbaijan to Southeast Asia and the belly of the beast in the United States. As seemingly disconnected plot strands are brilliantly woven together, we get to see how one of the most important clandestine operations of our time works and who is pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Operation Gladio B is the preferred weapon of “the company” (Pentagon, NATO, CIA & MI6) in the geopolitical struggle against Russia and China. This struggle is in full swing in many parts of the world but since the New Great Game in the Eurasian Balkans is of prime importance, the shadowy paramilitary Gladio network is particularly active in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Turkey. The modus operandi of the company is being highlighted on the first few pages of The Lone Gladio, when Gladio operative Greg McPhearson (OG 68) enters an underground operations center beneath a mosque in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku to prepare the next terrorist attack on Russian soil.[1] As OG 68 and his colleagues observe how “their” Imam is turning a desperate Chechen widow into a suicide bomber, the reader is left wondering if some of these “black widows”, who have committed many of the worst terror attacks in Russia, had gotten a similar treatment.[2] But one thing is for sure: Azerbaijan plays a central role in Gladio B and other U.S./NATO intelligence operations in the region.[3] Therefore, it would come as no real surprise if Baku was indeed hosting an operations center to coordinate the “planning and preparation for some of the most elaborately staged terror attacks in Russia, the Caucasus and Central Asia.”[4] Interestingly enough, the operations center in The Lone Gladio is connected with the U.S. military attaché building and the significance of this location is revealed later on in the book

Corbett Report (Video) – “The Lone Gladio” Reviewed

 James Corbett Provides the Context & Puzzle Pieces for “The Lone Gladio” & Operation Gladio B

Today James reviews The Lone Gladio, the new novel by FBI whistleblower and founder Sibel Edmonds.

**Visit these links to purchase The Lone Gladio in Kindle, paperback and Nook formats. Or you can purchase a signed copy from the author at The Lone Gladio website

The Lone Gladio Reviewed @ Spy Culture: An Edge-of-Your-Seat Thriller

“A globetrotting, Crichton-esque narrative unfolds, from Baku to the jungles of Vietnam, in true page-turning fashion!”
By Tom Secker
This morning I finished reading Sibel Edmonds’ debut novel The Lone Gladio, less than 24 hours after I started reading the book.  A more considered review will come later but my initial reaction is thus:

Great spy novels are rare.  Great books about state terrorism and geopolitics are even rarer.  In The Lone Gladio Sibel Edmonds gives you both – an edge-of-your-seat thriller combined with a devastating exposé of some of NATO’s very worst crimes, among them the terror attacks of 9/11.  Suppressed by the mainstream media and gagged by the federal government, former FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds has not only set up her own media platform at Boiling Frogs Post, and published her own autobiography Classified Woman, she has now added top-rate fiction to her arsenal of weapons in her ongoing fight with the NATO establishment.

In typical thriller fashion the story follows a wide web of interconnected characters across multiple agencies and spheres of life.  From FBI translator and analyst Elsie Simon via ex black ops specialist Greg McPhearson to renowned terrorist commando Yousef Mahmoud – this is a tale set in the deep state, and based on real people and true events.  Two agents are forced out of the FBI for getting too close to an international network responsible for false flag terrorism, assassinations, drug running and child prostitution.  They pursue their investigation, carrying us along with them for the ride.  And it is a wild ride.  A globetrotting, Crichton-esque narrative unfolds, from Baku to the jungles of Vietnam, in true page-turning fashion.

And yet, the book is no typical glorification of spies and secret agents.  Even when circumstances force Elsie to team up first with a billionaire obsessed with the murder of his son and then with the rampaging torturer/assassin OG 68, she still voices powerful and articulate moral objections.  It is these, rather than the satisfying array of revenge attacks carried out by OG 68, that are left ringing in the mind of the reader.  What is most impressive about this novel is that while it effortlessly apes all the usual bells and whistles of spy thrillers it is a very subversive book.  I have read literally hundreds of spy stories and I cannot think of another that offers the reader as much as The Lone Gladio.  For a dozen different reasons, I could not put this book down, and you won’t be able to either.

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*To read the complete review visit Tom Secker’s site here @ SpyCulture.

A Review by Corbett Report: “The Lone Gladio” Blows the Lid Off Of Gladio B

“Eat your heart out, Fleming, Clancy, and Le Carré; “The Lone Gladio” boldly goes where no mere spy yarn would dare!”
By James Corbett
“The Lone Gladio,” the new novel by FBI whistleblower and founder Sibel Edmonds, is not just another spy novel. Yes, it is about spies…of a sort. And clandestine missions. And double-crosses and unsure loyalties. But that’s where the similarity ends…

Any way you slice it, the information packed into the Gladio B series is explosive, pun intended. But as deeply involved as it is with characters, names, places and events that most in the Western world have little or no familiarity with, it can be difficult to see the forest for the trees. “The Lone Gladio” is a work of ‘fiction’ that steps back from the trees to show you the forest…

The novel has all the twists and turns of any spy thriller, and then some. There is action, suspense, high-tech spy gadgetry, violence, and a love story. But what sets this book apart is that, unlike a Tom Clancy or John Le Carré novel, “The Lone Gladio” is not escapism. In fact, it is exactly the opposite: it is a vehicle for revealing the shocking reality underneath the surface of the mundane picture of the world we are presented with on the nightly news. No jingoistic patriotism and good guys in service to the president bunkum here. Consider this description of the shadow government from “OG 68″ aka Greg McPhearson, the high-ranking Gladio operative gone rogue:

“There are others outside the government, and they are the ones on top. They are the true power that controls the second tier: the government front system—because government is a front. The CIA too sets up front companies; it’s strikingly similar. The real power—the Deep State, let’s call it—is out and above the actual visible government.”

The true power of this novel is that, although it is a work of fiction with fictional characters and fictional license is taken (the 9/11 false flag is revealed as a hoax on national television, after all), it is still a tale told by an insider with an insider’s knowledge of this system and how it functions. We would be fools not to take this book and the message it is desperately trying to impart seriously. And that message is that there is a deep state, that it has been functioning a long time, and that it is puppeteering the events we see playing out across the nightly news.

Eat your heart out, Fleming, Ludlow, Clancy, Le Carré; “The Lone Gladio” boldly goes where no mere spy yarn would dare.

Read the complete review here @ Corbett Report

Traces of Reality: “Sibel Edmonds Speaks Truth Through Fiction in The Lone Gladio”
Operation Gladio, Black Ops, Government Corruption & the Deep State

On this edition of Traces of Reality Radio: Guillermo is joined by Sibel Edmonds, editor and publisher of Boiling Frogs Post, founder-director for the National Security Whistleblowers Foundation, and author of the critically acclaimed book Classified Woman: The Sibel Edmonds Story.

Sibel has just released a new book, a novel, called The Lone Gladio. In this interview, Sibel explains why she chose a “fictional drama” as the vehicle to tell this story. She speaks about a few of the various interesting characters in the book, and her inspiration for writing them. Of course, any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Sibel also talks about many of the larger themes in this book: Operation Gladio, black ops, government corruption, and the Deep State. Sibel explains how Gladio did not end with the Cold War and the fall of the Soviet Union, but continues to this day in what the FBI calls “Gladio B.”

 Sibel discusses the present-day importance of Gladio B as run by the company — a confluence of high-ranking officials in the Pentagon, CIA, MI6, and NATO — and what it has to do with the terror unleashed on September 11, 2001.

The Lone Gladio is a gripping story full of twists and turns. Sibel masterfully navigates readers through tangled webs of lies and conspiracy, shining light on issues that prefer darkness.

Listen to the interview at Traces of Reality: Click Here

*The Lone Gladio is now available through the following channels: Amazon, Nook& TLG e-Store

Washington’s Blog on “The Lone Gladio”: A Great Read: As Good As Any Clancy Or Ludlum Novel … With a Twist

I’m a sucker for Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum type spy novels.

Sibel Edmonds’ The Lone Gladio is a great read. It’s one of the best action, thriller, spy novels I’ve ever read.

It’s such a page-turner that I stayed up way too late reading … and ignored my work. I had to find out what happened to the main characters!

Written with all the excitement of a Clancy or Ludlum novel, The Lone Gladio blends the typical male spy thriller voice with a unique female voice … which provides an interesting and complex perspective.

 Continue reading here & here

The Deep State Factionalized Review of Sibel Edmonds Book-The Lone Gladio
A factional recounting of the suppression of the events that led to such a disaster & horrendous aftermath
By Cindy Sheehan
Since I have become an activist after my son’s death in Iraq in 2004, I have gotten out of the practice of reading fiction. The exceptions are through my iPod when I am exercising, or when I am on airplanes. And, if I do read fiction, it’s not usually international spy thriller type books.  I find those types of books too real for me now since I have been the subject of surveillance. And, since my son was killed by this “deep state,” I don’t like the traditional way of portraying the protagonists in these books as “heroes,” when I suspect in reality most of them are either boring functionaries or stone-cold killer/torturers.

However, having said all that when Sibel Edmonds, (“The Most Gagged Woman in America”) asked me if she could send me a review copy of her fictional (high stress on the “fictional”) book The Lone Gladio, I readily agreed because how could I refuse someone who I hold in such high regard for her courage, intelligence, and compassion?

After the book arrived, it took me a few days to sit down and crack open The Lone Gladio, but when I finally did I had trouble putting it down

The Lone Gladio: Lew Rockwell Interviews Sibel Edmonds

 “The Government Gagged Her, But It Didn’t Work!”

The most classified woman Sibel Edmonds tells Lew Rockwell about her new novel The Lone Gladio and the secret crimes of the U. S. Empire.

Following the success of her recent memoir, Classified Woman, PEN Award Winner and ‘Most Classified Woman in the U.S.’ Sibel Edmonds’ thrilling conspiracy novel has just been released to wide acclaim. The Lone Gladio is now available through the following channels: Amazon, Nook & TLG e-Store

News Release: The Lone Gladio, A Powerful Novel by Sibel Edmonds, Now Available!

From PEN Award Winner and ‘Most Classified Woman in the U.S.’ Sibel Edmonds Comes a Powerful Novel that Exposes the International Government Conspiracies Threatening Our Daily Lives. Read more here

“As good as any Clancy or Ludlum novel … one of the best action, thriller, spy novels I’ve ever read.” - Washington’s Blog

“The Government Gagged Her, But It Didn’t Work!” – Lew Rockwell

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